4 Digital Marketing Tips To Survive COVID-19

Shift to Digital Marketing To Survive COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 has wreaked havoc on the global economy,
leaving nobody unscathed.
Thousands of businesses have filed for bankruptcy or have been forced to close, while others are
hanging on by a thin thread. Amidst the gradual easing of restrictions, businesses, which have
survived the first wave of the virus, are being threatened with a resurgence of infections and
lockdowns. This causes many to rethink the future of their businesses and how they’ll operate.
With epidemiologists promoting the avoidance of direct human contact and millions of employees
embracing remote working, many large and small businesses have adapted their business models
and are managing nearly all of their businesses online.
This irrevocably changes the face of marketing and consumer behaviour, making digital marketing
more effective than ever before. Businesses have started harnessing the power of digital marketing
by advertising and selling their products or services online. This enables them to not only SURIVE
but to also THRIVE during the COVID Crisis and has convinced other businesses to follow suit.
So for those of you who aren’t familiar with digital marketing, it just so happens to be your lucky
day! We have compiled a list of our top 4 digital marketing tips to help kick start your digital
marketing strategy and boost your online presence.
1. Know Your Audience
Before you do anything, you must get to know your audience. I’m not just talking about
their geographical location or demographics but also their personality, lifestyle, interests,
values ,and opinions. This enables you to create more effective marketing campaigns by targeting
people who are more likely to use your products or services.

2. Create a website
To survive in this digital era, every business needs a website. Even with restrictions waxing and
waning, people are set to continue using services or buying products online. Therefore, if you do
not have a website, you are truly losing out on opportunities for your business. Not only does a
website boost your credibility and legitimacy but it is available and accessible 24 hours a day so
your business and income never sleeps.

3. Boost your brand on social media
With the majority of the world’s population using social media, these sites and apps provide the
best platform for businesses to promote their services or products and increase their web traffic
tremendously. It is also free, yes you heard it correctly, 100%, totally free, to create a business
profile on most social media networks. So why not take advantage of the opportunity?

4. Utilize video marketing
From product endorsements to reviews, videos are a game changer for marketers. According to
research conducted by Wyzowl, 97% of businesses that use videos to attract their customers
increased their customer’s understanding of their services or products. Additionally, videos create
more personal relationships and trust with consumers since they demonstrate why consumers
would want to use their products or services.


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