Is business a science?

Business Modeling and Planing

In addition to taking care of the marketing aspects of your business another big part of our job if you chose to have take our consultation work as part of the services that we provide to our businesses is helping you develop a Business Model and a Business Plan.

Is business a science?

If you’re reading this then you should already know that business is a science! If you’re new to business and you’re wondering if it is or isn’t a science then lucky for you – it is! What do we mean by considering business as a science? It means that there are standard pillars and principles that are universal to all businesses – it doesn’t matter if you’re running a bakery or if you’re managing a multinational corporation. All business have to deal with the same known and unknown variables. Problems can be solved by dwelling into the core issue of a business – just like they can be in huge companies or even in startup companies.

If you’re new or just starting then we can help with that. We have a lot of experience from our current businesses.

Business Model

A business model is the design for a successfully operating business – it includes all aspects of revenue streams, customer basis and financing

Business Plan

A business Plan is usually a highly detailed document that appears on an excel sheet. It breaks down the business model and predicts future incoming and outgoing cash flow.

How do Identify your business model and the pillars that make it up?

When you have a business model it is very important to understand exactly what your business model is. According to Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, “a business model is made up of four elements. Priorities, Capabilities, Profit Formula, Process.” Is your product something that there is a demand for? Do you know who wants to buy it? How will you make money? These are all important questions hat must be answered in any business venture. This is very important as it takes your business idea and helps it expand into all possible categories. Maybe you have an E-commerce store that offers one amazing product – but there is another product that sells very well on other stores… Wouldn’t you consider adding it to yours?

If you’re new or just starting then we can help with that. We have a lot of experience from our current businesses.

Making a business plan based on your business model

Its important to note that your business model is not your business strategy – your business strategy needs to be outlined in two different plans. One that identifies the cash flow and capital predictions that your business has, and the other that establishes targets that you, as the manager of your business needs to reach in order to keep it growing in the right direction. For entrepreneurs it is very important to stay organized and have everything written down – know what you’re spending on and how much you are spending. Make sure you are taking the necessary steps towards making the capital plan come true.

If you need help making a business plan or adapting your current business plan in order to add a new marketing budget then we are here to help. You’re in good hands as we have done it many times before.

What makes your business different or similar to others?

Luckily for you, we can see your business from an Eagle’s point of view – we can notice the macro trends that are going around in your sector and help you adjust accordingly. While your product may be original, it will usually be similar to a lot of the other businesses that we are helping. Most business are the same in the end of the day. Maybe your online store looks a little bit worse than theirs, and that’s what is affecting your sales. We can identify that and help you make the necessary changes to increase your sales.

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